Game of War Purchase agency Service



Game of War Purchase agency Service

We, provide support to reduce your pack purchase cost.We, peace of mind, and offers a reliable service.If you exceed the sales volume it will be sold out or reserved state. Please check the announcement.You, us and make contact, there is a need to achieve a quest to verify the service application time.

gow-main01Registration of information is the first once. When you buy again, we will use your information that is strictly kept.Until we run the service, you can be free to cancel. However, it will be the commission of the settlement company needs.You get a more powerful force, you can defeat the hostile opponent. We will provide legendary service to you.

gow-main01 NEW GAME!! You can buy the final Fantasy. Please select when ordering.

gow-main01 You can buy the mobile strike. Please select when ordering.





GameOfWar Purchase agency Service
Tokyo, JAPAN


Service restart

we restart service! Friday, July 7, 2017…

Cheater information

A user who has performed an illegal refund claims we are all public. In addition, it makes the report to the police. Loa…

Today’s Normal Packs price List2015/09/04

1Pack 1Pack(1st) 2Packs 3Packs 4Packs $90 $85 $180 $270 $450 €90 / €180 €270 €360…

Today’s Normal Packs price List2015/09/03

1Pack 1Pack(1st) 2Packs 3Packs 4Packs $90 $85 $180 $270 $450 €90 / €180 €270 €360…

Today’s 50%off Packs price List2015/09/03

2Pack 3Pack 4Pack 5Pack $90 $135 $180 $270 €85 €127 €170 €270 / / / £195 …

Today’s 50%off Packs price List2015/09/02

2Pack 3Pack 4Packs 5Packs $90 $135 $180 $270 €85 €127 €170 €270 - - - £195 …

Today’s Normal Packs price List2015/09/02

1Pack 1Pack(1st) 2Packs 3Packs 4Packs $90 $60 $180 $270 $450 €90 / €180 €270 €360…

Today’s Pack 2015/9/2

Purchase of this pack is sure to read the description of the URL below! 50% Off pack Started selling …



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Other times may correspond, but it will correspond to the next day.

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